Page 237. " HMS Excellent "

HMS Excellent is an 'on land' training establishment at Whale Island, near Portsmouth in Hampshire, England.

Historically the crew at HMS Excellent practised as teams, loading shot and firing guns over mudflats. HMS Excellent was popular as a training ship and held approximately 600 men under training, together with some 200 Royal Artillery instructors. The trainees lived on the lower deck, as if on a seagoing ship.


Page 245. " the RNVR "

The RNVR, or Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, was a reserve of civilian volunteers, founded in 1903.

Between 1938 and 1957 the RNVR maintained their own Air Branch and provided aircrew personnel. After the war, this was limited to anti-submarine and fighter squadrons only. The Air Branch squadrons were disbanded in 1957 as the UK government considered the training needed beyond the expectations of reservists.

Page 247. " the MG "

MG Cars, founded in 1924, was a British sports car manufacturer. Although the company also produced saloons and coupes, they were best known for their convertible two-seater sports car. The company operated for 56 years, stopping only during the Second World War. Production finally ceased in 1980. Revivals of the model have been attempted by other manufacturers.

Original MG sports cars are rare and collectible classics.