Page 527. " his ARP armband "

An ARP armband was worn by a member of Air Raid Precautions. Created in 1924, the organisation was dedicated to the protection of civilians in air-raids. Air Raid Wardens wore an ARP armband for easy recognition in times of emergency.


Page 527. " Hold Back the Dawn "

Hold Back the Dawn (1941) was a wartime movie, the romantic story of a Romanian playboy who marries an American to gain access to the United States. It starred Charles Boyer and Olivia de Haviland. The film was hugely successful and a popular favourite of wartime couples. The lovers' beach scene was especially famous:



Page 527. " listen to Workers’ Playtime "

Workers’ Playtime was a long-running radio programme made by the BBC in London. It was broadcast between 1941 and 1964, and was initially produced to boost the morale of British industrial workers during World War Two.

The programmes met with the approval of the British Government, as they were seen as supporting the war effort.

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