"even the Frenchmen who accompanied the peloton into the wilderness there managed to see djnoun"

In the French army, a peloton is a unit of cavalry corresponding to the platoon, equivalent in size to an infantry section, and commanded by a lieutenant or sergeant.

Public DomainDjnoun
Djnoun is the plura of djinn. According to Islamic belief, the Koran teaches that Allah has populated the universe with 4 types of beings: humans, angels, Iblis (Satan) and demons or djnoun. Possessing free will, a djinn can either be good or evil. Although only humans are visible, the other beings, including djnoun are not merely imaginary or symbolic: they coexist with humans, guiding and interfering with their efforts to follow the path of Islam. In fact, the djnoun are believed to have similar needs to humans. They eat, drink, procreate and die; they form families, communities and societies. However, their activities are nocturnal, ending at dawn with the muezzin's call to prayer. There is an extensive body of folklore in Morocco and Algeria relating to the djnoun.