Page 252. " The following day they made Adrar by the mid-afternoon. "

The aeroplane crossed the border between Mali and Algeria at Tessalit, entering southwestern Algeria and landing at Adrar, the capital of Algeria's second-largest province, also called Adrar.

Adrar, Algeria
Public DomainAdrar, Algeria
Page 252. " The sun was dropping behind the bastions of Santa Cruz on the mountain when the cab left town "
Santa Cruz Oran
Public DomainSanta Cruz Oran

Santa Cruz is a fort above the city of Oran on the Algerian coast, built by the Spanish in 1563. It was strategically placed on the mountain  l'Aïdour, more than 1,000 feet above the sea, directly to the west of the city. It was later rebuilt by the Spanish to accommodate their city governors.

"The fortifications of the place were composed of thick and continuous walls of over two and a half kilometers in circumference, surmounted by strong towers spaced between them," with a central castle or kasbah where the Spanish governor established his headquarters.