"the bulky frame of artist Gustav Klimt"
Gustav Klimt
Public DomainGustav Klimt

     Born on Linzerstrasse in the 14th District of Vienna, Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was the accepted leader of the Viennese Art Nouveau movement. Klimt, along with his brother Ernst and partner Franz Matsch, were established painters of public art in Vienna. They had worked on the Empress's Hermes Villa, the new Burg Theater and the new Kunsthistorisches Museum/Art History Museum. When Klimt was 27 years old, their firm, "The Company of Artists", had been recognized by Franz Josef and been presented with "The Golden Order of Artistic Merit." As he moved away from traditional styles of painting, his works were more and more greeted with virulent protest. Klimt led the group of artists that broke away from the established authorities and formed the Vienna Secession. He was elected their first president.