"The Palais Wittgenstein was an impressive, if dour town house"
Palais Wittgenstein Salon
Public DomainPalais Wittgenstein Salon
Palais Wittgenstein Staircase
Public DomainPalais Wittgenstein Staircase Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

    The Palais Wittgenstein was located at Allegasse 16 in Vienna's 4th District. The street is now called Argentinierstrasse. It was built in 1871-73 by the architect Friedrich Schachner. As wealthy patrons of the arts, the Wittgensteins played host to artists such as Klimt and his fellow Secessionists; Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms were frequent guests, at times playing their own works. The palais remained in the Wittgenstein family until after World War II when, having been extensively damaged by American bombs, it was sold in the early 1950's to the Austrian Landerbank. It was torn down and an apartment complex built in its place.