"covered in paintings from Rudolf von Alt, Segantini"
Rudolf von Alt, self-portrait, 1890
Public DomainRudolf von Alt, self-portrait, 1890

     Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905) was an Austrian landscape painter. A Grand Old man of the Arts, he was knighted by Franz Josef in 1882. He earned the emnity of the artistic establishment when he championed the new artists of the Secession. In gratitude for his support, the Secession voted him their Honorary President for Life.


Giovanni Segantini
Public DomainGiovanni Segantini

     Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) was an Italian painter who led a reclusive life in the northern Italian Alps, never venturing further afield than Milan. Nevertheless he came to the attention of the international community. He died the year before the events in this book but his paintings continued to be exhibited and sold at Secession exhibitions.