"Zeltgasse 8 . . .The Turks had set up camp on the site of this small street"
Commemmorating the Siege of 1683
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     Zeltgasse- "Tent Lane" is located in Vienna's 8th District. Vienna lay at a strategic crossroads and was the entryway into the heart of Europe. The Ottoman Empire had been repulsed at Vienna in 1529. The Second Siege of Vienna occured from July to September of 1683. Completely surrounded by an army of 300,000 and cut off from supplies, the Viennese held off frontal attacks and tunneling under the city walls. The city was relieved by Polish King Jan III Sobieski, who is meorialized by a church on the Kahlenburg, the hill overlooking Vienna from which he launched his calvary charge. If Vienna had fallen, much of Europe would have been at the mercy of the Turks.     As an aside, the story goes that bags of coffee beans were found in the abandoned Ottoman camp. They were given to Franciszek Jerzy Kolschitsky as a reward for his bravery. Coffee was unknown in Europe at the time. Kolschitsky knew of it from his travels. He proceeded to open a coffee house, the Blue Bottle, the first of Vienna's famous coffee houses.