"The emperor himself had banished his younger brother . . . for his affair with a masseur . . . at the Centralbad"

Ludwig Viktor von Habsburg
Public DomainLudwig Viktor von Habsburg
     The youngest brother of Franz Josef, Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), had a city palace built in Vienna where he hosted his hedonistic parties. As a result of his very public homosexuality and transvestitism Franz Josef finally forbade him to stay in Vienna. He went to live in Klessheim Palace near Salzburg. He lived there until his death.       

     The Central Bath House - Centralbad was opened in 1889. It was reputed to be the most elegant and distinguished public bathing house in Vienna. By the late 1900's it was the only bath house in the City Center. Ludwig Viktor would feel at home there these days since it has been an exclusively gay bath house since the 1980's.