"I went to Mr. Mark Twain's lectures"
Mark Twain in Vienna, 1898
Public DomainMark Twain in Vienna, 1898 Mark Twain House,
Hartford CT

     Mark Twain arrived in Vienna in 1897 and stayed for 20 months. He had come to Austria so that his daughter Clara, who met her future husband during her stay, could study music. The family lived mostly in the city. He was a major celebrity at the time, arguably the most famous man in the world. He wrote, gave lectures, and mingled with Viennese society. He witnessed the funeral of assassinated Empress Elizabeth in 1898, watching from the balcony of the Krantz Hotel in Neuer Markt in the Inner City. Conversationally fluent in German, he wrote the wonderful essay "The Awful German Language" which should be required reading for anyone learning the language.