"Drechsler, at his office in the police Praesadium on Schottenring . . . "
Public DomainSchottenring, 1900

     Schottenring derives its name from the Schottenkirche in the First District. Founded in 1155 by Emperor Henry II, the Schottenkirche takes its name from the Irish monks that Henry brought in for spiritual as well as intellectual reasons. Ireland, in the Latin of the day, was known as Scotia Major/Greater Scotland. Thus the monks were referred to as Schotten/Scots, as was their monastery. The current church dates from the mid-1600's.






Schottentor, 1859
Public DomainSchottentor, 1859
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

     The Schottentor/Scottish Gate was the gate in the old city walls leading up to the street where the church was located.  The city walls were demolished in the 1860's by decree of Franz Josef to create the Ringstrasse and unify the city and its suburbs. This part of the Ringstrasse was named Schottenring.