"Doktor Hanns Gross, a tall, somewhat portly man"


Hanns Gross
Public DomainHanns Gross
    Hans Gross was an Austrian criminal jurist, an examining magistrate, and a University Professor. His book A Handbook for Criminal Investigation, published in 1891, is marked as the birth of the field of criminology, applying science to the practices of crime investigation and the law. The work combined in one system fields of knowledge that had not been previously integrated, and which could be successfully used to fight crime. It was a standard text in the field through the 1930's. He also founded and edited the Archive for Criminology, a journal that was continually published for more than one hundred years. In 1912, Gross opened the Imperial Criminological Institute at the University of Graz, the first of its kind. He considered it a major accomplishment to have criminology recognized as a serious academic discipline. The Hanns Gross Criminological Museum, also part of the university, is still open today.