"The Café Museum is an abomination"
Adolf Loos, 1904
Public DomainAdolf Loos, 1904 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
Cafe Museum
Public DomainCafé Museum

     Adolf Loos (1870-1933) designed Café Museum as a simple, unadorned Viennese coffee house. It was intended as a repudiation of the florid style of the Secession and the Baroque that defined Vienna. Critics nicknamed it "Café Nihilism." Loos's philosophy of architecture was summed up in the title of his 1908 essay "Crime and Ornamentation." The most (in)famous example of this is the Looshaus built in 1911. Sometimes called "the building without eyebrows" for its plain facade and lack of detailing, it faces the high Baroque entry into the Hofburg, the Michaelertor/(St.) Michael's Gate. It is said that Franz Josef was so appalled by this building that he never again left the Hofburg via the Michaelertor so as not to have to look upon the Looshaus.

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