"the building was a graceful Palladian structure"
Villa Wagner
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeVilla Wagner
Welleschik, 2007

     Otto Wagner built his Villa in 1888 in a Palladian design (Palladian architecture is a style derived from the designs of the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580) who based his work on the classical temple architecture of the Ancient Greeks and Romans) on the outskirts of Vienna in the 14th District of Penzing. He sold it in 1911 when, their children having grown, Wagner and his wife decided to downsize. After World War II, the Villa fell into disrepair. By 1963, it was in such a bad state that plans were underway to demolish it. The painter Ernst Fuchs bought the building and restored and refurbished it. In 1988, the 100th anniversary of the Villa, it was made a private museum for Ernst Fuchs′ work.