"Nothing so damning about calling them . . . Lueger's Gretls"

     Lueger’s Gretls: “ ‘Gretl’ was the idealized Teutonic woman . . Believed to embody the essence of . . . domestic virtues . . . At the time of Lueger’s death, one of his oldest and most implacable journalistic enemies, the Wiener Sonn- und Montags-Zeitung, attributed his success without qualification to [his Amazons/Gretls] . . . ‘It was they who decided the men to side with Lueger, it was they who became the prophets of der schöne Karl. Never has a tribune fought with more clever means. The Christian Social Women’s League, scorned by their opponents, penetrated the families, moved from home to home, and through their words he became a brilliant leader’.”  -  from Karl Lueger by Richard S. Gheer