J. Sydney Jones
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     J. Sydney Jones is intimately familiar with Vienna, having studied there as a college student and lived there over the course of twenty years. He is the author of two previous books in the Vienna Mysteries series: The Empty Mirror (2009) and Requiem in Vienna (2010). In addition he has used his extensive knowledge of the city to author a thriller: Time of the Wolf (1990); travel guides: Viennawalks (1985) and Vienna Inside-Out (1979); a memoir: The Man in the Tower (2011); and a historical biography: Hitler in Vienna 1907-1913 (1982), dealing with Hitler's impoverished student days in Vienna, which the New York Review of Books said "is as much about the city as about the young man from the provinces."

     "I went to Vienna planning to become a lawyer; I left knowing I would be a writer. Vienna served as my Paris for the next decades: it was cheap, friendly, accommodating, full of music, and bristling with spies. Vienna was situated only miles away from the communist satellite countries of Czechoslovakia and Hungary. You felt on the edge in Vienna in those years, though it was at heart the coziest of bourgeois cities. Vienna in the Sixties and Seventies had the rough-hewn quality of Dublin in the Eighties; both have since gone distinctly uptown. I liked them better as the down-at-heel dowagers they once were. Vienna was, and will always be, my second home; my daughter was born there, and I came to a facsimile of adulthood there."

     His website lists his other, non-Viennese-centered works, his blog Scene of the Crime, and links to interviews: