Page 185. " a posting in Carinthia where I will end up tracking cattle thieves "
Location of Carinthia
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     Carinthia/Kärnten is the southernmost Austrian state. Situated within the Eastern Alps and sharing borders with Italy and Croatia. It is noted for its mountains and lakes

Page 187. " a distant cousin in Vorarlberg is now the count "
Location of Vorarlberg
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     Vorarlberg is the westernmost state of Austria. It is the second smallest in terms of area (Vienna is the smallest) and population. It borders Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Page 189. " it was neither the best nor the worst plot in the Zentralfriedhof "
Central Cemetery Tombs
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Central Cemetery
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 Situated in Simmering on the southern outskirts of Vienna, the Central Cemetery is one of the largest in the world with over 3 million interred. Opened in 1874 it allowed the controversial burial of different faiths, although in their own section. It is a tourist attraction in its own right.

Page 195. " time enough . . . to dispose of a bowl of Leberknödel soup "

     Leberknödel soup starts with a beef broth with a large dumpling made of bread mixed with calf or beef liver, onions, herbs and spices.