Page 209. " his story . . . in the Monday edition of Die Fackel "
Die Fackel-issue 35
Public DomainDie Fackel-issue 35 Austrian Academy Corpus

     This would have been the mid-March edition, issue number 35, out on March 12, 1900.

Page 213. " we were supposed to be at the Raimund play in the Theater in der Josefstadt "
Theater in der Josefstadt
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTheater in der Josefstadt
Andreas Praefcke
Ferdinand Raimund
Public DomainFerdinand Raimund

     The Theater in der Josefstadt was founded in 1788. It is the oldest theater in Vienna still in operation. Ferdinand Raimund (1790-1836) was an Austrian actor and playwright of comic farces. His Vienna debut was in this theater and his play, Der Verschwender (the Spendthrift) was first performed at this theater in 1834 with Raimund himself playing the lead. It is still performed today. The Raimund Theater on Wallgasse in Vienna’s 6th District, opened is 1893, was named in his honor.

Page 222. " The private train . . . left from Wiener Neustadt "
A train leaves Wiener Neustadt, 1900
Public DomainA train leaves Wiener Neustadt, 1900

     Wiener Neustadt/“New Vienna” - is located south of Vienna. It is a transportation hub and industrial center. Daimler’s factory started producing automobiles there in 1900. Austria’s first airfield was located there in 1909.

Page 223. " their private train pulled up to a siding near the station at Küsnacht "
Kusnacht in the late 1800's
Public DomainKüsnacht in the late 1800's

     A suburb of Zurich, Küsnacht was linked to the city by rail in 1896. Carl Jung had his clinic in Küsnacht at the time when he and Frued were diverging in their psychiatric theories.