"He went and pushed Caddy into the tree to the first limb. We watched the muddy bottom of her drawers."
Eve, Serpent and Death
Public DomainEve, Serpent and Death - Credit: Hans Baldung

Tree of Knowledge
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTree of Knowledge - Credit: YashiWong
The rich symbolism of this scene evokes the biblical story in which Eve, through eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, loses her native innocence. Just as this original act of defiance brings death into paradise, Caddy’s rebellion brings her into contact with the meaning of mortality. The parallel is underscored by the snake that crawls out from under the house on the previous page. Further, whilst Eve’s transgression brings her an awareness of the sins of the flesh, the image of Caddy’s muddied drawers prefigures her later sexual promiscuity.