"From Semiramis."
The Shepherd finds the Babe Semiramis
Public DomainThe Shepherd finds the Babe Semiramis - Credit: Ernest Wallcousins

Semiramis is an Assyrian queen who exists both as a historical figure and a mythological deity. The progeny of a fish-goddess and the god of wisdom, she was reared by doves after being abandoned at birth. Along with beauty and wisdom, she was famed for her prodigious lusts. Among her conquests was her own son, and she implemented a law decreeing that blood relatives should be free to marry as they pleased. An immensely powerful ruler, her martial abilities won her triumph in countless wars and she is credited with founding the city of Babylon. Upon her death, she assumed the shape of a dove and flew away, and was thereafter worshipped as a deity.