"I wouldn’t bet on any team that Ruth fellow played on"
Babe Ruth
Public DomainBabe Ruth - Credit: Irwin, La Broad, & Pudlin.
Babe Ruth's Baseball Hall of Fame Plaque (179 * 240)

George ‘Babe’ Ruth is hailed as the greatest American Major League baseball player history has ever seen. Setting out as a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, it was as a right fielder for the New York Yankees that he earned his reputation. In 1927 he broke records when he became the first player to score 60 home runs in one season. Though Jason’s supposition that he had peaked is not entirely inaccurate — his performance began to decline in the latter part of 1928 — his aversion to Babe Ruth is mainly predicated on his ancestry. At this time, Americans' resentment towards Germans was riding high: German-Americans’ cultural remove engendered distrust, whilst the Teutonic love of beer attracted the reprehension of prohibitionists. The main object of contention, though, was German neutrality during World War I. As both of Ruth's parents were German-American, Jason's distaste for the baseball legend is coloured by these factors.


Watch footage of Babe Ruth playing for the New York Yankees.