"A pear tree grew there, close against the house"
Venus with Apple
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeVenus with Apple - Credit: seier+seier
Venus offering a pear to Cupid
Public DomainVenus offering a pear to Cupid - Credit: Melchior Lorck

It is interesting that this tree appears to have changed species. In the second section, Quentin remembers the room as it was when Caddy occupied it, “the curtains leaning in on the twilight upon the odour of the apple tree” (p.88). Pears and apples are intertwined in Christian mythology, for each has been thought to be the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. This is highly apt in the context of the novel, for the tree is the site of Caddy’s introduction to mortality (see note for page 31) and of her daughter’s sexual fall. Apples and pears also feature among the fruits sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and sex.