"with his body he seemed to feed the voice that, succubus like, had fleshed its teeth in him"
Lilith, the queen of the succubi
Public DomainLilith, the queen of the succubi - Credit: John Collier

The Vampire
Public DomainThe Vampire - Credit: Philip Burne-Jones
A succubus is a female demon believed to appear to men in dreams in order to take sexual advantage of them. She has existed in superstition since the middle ages and has undergone several metamorphoses since. Her first incarnation is as Lilith, Adam’s first wife in mystical Jewish texts, who, after refusing to take the subordinate position during sex, flees Eden and instead takes Samael, the angel of death, as her lover. This union begets vast broods of demons to whom she gives birth daily. Her ferocious carnality and diet of babies’ blood have led to an ongoing interrelation between succubi and vampires.