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Page 8. " We’re going to the cemetery. "
Faulkner's grave in St Peter's Cemetery
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFaulkner's grave in St Peter's Cemetery - Credit: Christopher P. Bills

St. Peter’s Cemetery, established in 1871, is located just north of Oxford’s central hub, Courthouse Square. Along with rebels, war veterans and the odd statesman, most of the Faulkner family are represented here. Faulkner himself is buried with his wife Estelle and stepson Malcolm Franklin. A fourth grave memorializes “E.T. – An old family friend who came home to rest with us”. The identity of this mysterious figure remains a closely guarded secret. Only Jimmy, Faulkner’s nephew, is alleged to know the answer.


St Peter's Cemetery
Creative Commons AttributionSt Peter's Cemetery - Credit: NatalieMaynor