This map plots the settings and references in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

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Bayswater Station
Public DomainBayswater Station

Alec Leamas is recalled to London after his last remaining agent is shot while crossing the border.  Living a cover story, Leamas eventually finds work at a library in Bayswater, where Liz Gold also lives.

Marble Arch
Creative Commons AttributionMarble Arch

Upon his release from a three month prison sentence, Leamas takes a little time to enjoy London in the spring, beginning at Marble Arch.  This is where his first encounter with the East German intelligence network takes place, after which he makes his circuitous way across London, to Chelsea and the home of George Smiley.

With his East German contacts, Leamas visits a Chinese restaurant, followed by a strip club in Wardour Street, an area famous in the 1960s for its plethora of seedy nightclubs, strip clubs and bars, as well as being a centre for the British film and music industry.  Its reputation is more salubrious nowadays, but it is still packed with restaurants and bars.


Wardour Street
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeWardour Street