"We need to find a room for him, so we’ve decided that the space above the new boathouse should be prepared."

Boys' and girls' boathouses in Muskoka
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumBoys' and girls' boathouses in Muskoka - Credit: Mindshadows
Boathouses on the Muskoka Lakes range from utilitarian sheds to opulent buildings that not only house a fleet of watercraft, but can accommodate family or friends on the floor above. In the early days, these spaces were often used as servants’ quarters, while others were reserved for the children. This photo from Millionaires’ Row shows the boys’ boathouse on the left and the girls’ on the right, dating from the1920s.

There have been several beautifully illustrated books written just about the Muskoka boathouses. To see a few more photos of boathouses on this site, look at the “Setting” page.