Page 106. " massive and sprawling, with acres of verandas and balconies "

E.R. Wood cottage - Credit: Frank Micklethwaite
Public DomainE.R. Wood cottage - Credit: Frank Micklethwaite

It somewhat resembled this cottage belonging to wealthy Canadian financier E.R. Wood. It’s on Mazengah Island, which inspired the novel. 

Page 108. " He put Row, Row, Row on the Victrola. "

Public DomainVictrola
Here is the famous logo for the Victor Talking Machine Company, which made Victrola phonographs. Go to this site to hear the sassy tune, Row, Row, Row, played by Perfessor Bill Edwards, award-winning Ragtime pianist and historian. Bill created the companion CD of tunes quoted in this novel, Music for Muskoka, which includes this piece. Find out more about the CD and the song here.

Page 109. " She laughed as they began a dramatic Tango. "

There are different styles of Tango, some with more body contact than others. Here’s one example.

Page 114. " Sir Henry Pellatt might be building himself a castle "

Sir Henry Pellatt had amassed a $17 million fortune when he began building his baronial dream castle, Casa Loma, on Davenport Hill overlooking Toronto and Lake Ontario beyond. It took three years and $3.5 million to build, but Pellatt confessed to neighbour, Lady Flora Eaton, that it would take another $1 million to complete. That never happened, however, as bad investments following WW1 ended his dream and the Pellatts moved out in 1924.

Take a short tour of this amazing building.

Page 119. " John Craig Eaton’s new estate, Ardwold "

Public DomainArdwold
Sir John Craig Eaton’s Toronto home, Ardwold, was built in 1911. It had fifty rooms, fourteen baths, a hospital infirmary with two nurses on staff, and a half-acre glassed area housing a swimming pool and a conservatory. It was sold in 1936 and demolished for a subdivision.

Page 124. " Rolls Royce Silver Ghost "
Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRolls Royce Silver Ghost - Credit: Malcolm Asquith