Page 131. " Ellie does a wonderful loon impression "

Common loons have several calls. This is the one that sounds like maniacal laughter.

Page 134. " By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea "

This was one of the popular tunes of the era. You can listen to it here.

Page 137. " But he had started out dirt poor and living in a log cabin, and Grandmother Megan had been an orphan living on the streets when Grandfather Keir found her "

A Place to Call Home
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumA Place to Call Home - Credit: Mindshadows
Their story is told in the author’s critically acclaimed first novel, A Place to Call Home, set in pioneer Upper Canada. Visit this site for more information.

Page 148. " the Oakley’s eighty-foot steam yacht "
Eatons' Steam yacht, the Wanda II - Credit: Frank Micklethwaite
Public DomainEatons' Steam yacht, the Wanda II - Credit: Frank Micklethwaite

It might have looked like the Wanda II, which belonged to the Eatons. It burned down in a boathouse fire in 1914. The Wanda III has been restored and can be rented for special occasions. Visit this website for more info.