Page 181. " This is Tom Thomson, a dear friend of mine and an artist to be reckoned with. "
The Jack Pine - by Tom Thomson
Public DomainThe Jack Pine - by Tom Thomson

He was indeed, as he influenced the famous “Group of Seven” Canadian landscape painters.

Tom Thomson is often considered an honorary member of the Group of Seven, although he died – mysteriously, in Algonquin Park in 1917 – before the Group was formally formed.

Page 189. " It was in the Richardson Romanesque style so popular in the Annex, with ornate bays and gables "
Richardson Romanesque house in The Annex
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRichardson Romanesque house in The Annex - Credit: SimonP

This is an example of that style in the Annex, a Toronto neighbourhood just north of the University of Toronto. Indeed, this building is now owned by the university.

Page 190. " the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, and his wife had been assassinated in Sarajevo "

This event seemed inconsequential to most outside the affected states at the time. Little did the world realize that this assassination would be the spark that ignited an unprecedented war. Here’s a succinct overview of the causes of WWI.