Page 255. " Some are literally palaces, like the Vanderbilts’ Breakers and Marble House "

This documentary about the Vanderbilts in Newport says it all.

Page 257. " A dock spider "

Don’t look at this video if you have any fear of spiders. Dock spiders eat small fish and tadpoles, as well as insects. They move with lightning speed, and can illicit the expletive "Holy sh**!" from the bravest and strongest of men. There are people who have summered on lakes all their lives and have never seen one, because these monsters are skittish, unless they're protecting a nest. More correctly known as fishing spiders, the adults can be about the size of a splayed hand! And yes, they like to live in and around and under docks, hence their name.


Page 259. " she sat at the piano practicing The Aviation Rag "

Listen to award-winning pianist and Ragtime historian, Bill Edwards, play this tune.

Page 260. " Let Me Call You Sweetheart "

Listen to Bill Edwards play this tune.

Page 261. " Oh! you beautiful doll "

More music from Bill Edwards.

Page 261. " I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now "

Yet another tune played by Bill Edwards.

Page 262. " By The Light of the Silvery Moon "

And one more tune. All these pieces (some with vocals) and more appear on the CD, Music for Muskoka,  that Bill Edwards created as a "soundtrack" for the novel. Find out more here.

Page 272. " she wore a peacock blue silk taffeta gown with a beaded and metallic embroidered fine black Chantilly lace tunic "

The Titanic sank only two years before this book begins, so the fashions as shown in the blockbuster movie are similar to what the characters in the novel wear. About 30 seconds into this video you’ll see the “Jump Dress” and then the “Dinner Dress”, both of which are typical of elegant evening wear of the era.