Page 305. " The thousands of bright and adventurous young men who were flocking to sign up were already considered champions by an adoring public fuelled by patriotic fervour. "

It’s hard to believe, with hindsight, the naïve and enthusiastic response from young men eager to go and do their duty for King and Country. That was also fueled by patriotic songs and posters that urged them to volunteer, as can be seen in this film footage.

Page 312. " It was a flawless blue star sapphire ring surrounded by a starburst of diamonds "

Victoria's engagement ring might have looked something like this.

Page 322. " the Ziegfeld Follies "

The Ziegfeld Follies were Broadway extravaganzas, as you can see in this clip from the 1936 movie about them.

Page 323. " The other girls in the sweatshop had liked listening to her, when she could get away with it "

Sweatshops, particularly in the garment industry, were unpleasant environments where even inadequate labour laws were flouted. They were usually crowded, unsanitary, not properly heated or ventilated, and sometimes even hazardous. Labourers, including children, worked long hours for little pay. This short documentary about the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 gives an excellent account of sweatshops and their dangers.