Page 384. " Archie Spencer had been killed in the Second Battle of Ypres "
The Brooding Soldier
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumThe Brooding Soldier - Credit: Mindshadows

Archie was killed in the first - and surprising - gas attacks used in the war. This moving statue pays homage to the Canadians who died in that battle. The plaque reads:

"This column marks the battlefield where 18,000 Canadians on the British left withstood the first German gas attacks 22-25 April 1915. 2,000 fell and lie buried nearby."

Page 395. " Georgian style first-class lounge "

Here’s a picture of the first class lounge on the Lusitania.

Lusitania - First Class Lounge
Public DomainLusitania - First Class Lounge
Page 398. " “Here you are, young lady,” Alfred Vanderbilt said, strapping her into one. He and his valet had been helping as many women and children as possible to find and secure life vests, and hand them into boats. "
Alfred Vanderbilt
Public DomainAlfred Vanderbilt

One of the richest men in America, Vanderbilt was aboard the Lusitania on a business trip to England. When the ship was sinking, he was reputed to have given his own life jacket to a female passenger, although he couldn’t swim. He was one of the 900 whose bodies were never recovered.

Page 399. " It had been less than eighteen minutes since the torpedo had struck. Only six lifeboats had been successfully launched. "

The incidents in the chapter on the Lusitania are all based on those of real survivors. Unbelievably, many of them were in the frigid waters of the Irish Sea for well over 2 hours before being rescued. Some victims were actually thought to be dead, but were able to be revived.

 Here’s a short, well done docudrama about the Lusitania’s last voyage.