Page 477. " A path meandered down the cliff to a small private cove "

This is what the cove at Lady Beatrice’s Cap d’Antibes villa might have looked like.

Cap D'Antibes cove
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumCap D'Antibes cove - Credit: Mindshadows

Page 478. " Sometimes they dined in the exclusive Grand Hotel du Cap "
Hotel du Cap, Antibes
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHotel du Cap, Antibes - Credit: John Jason Junior

Now one of the world's great luxury hotels, the Hotel du Cap was built as a private home. In 1870 it became a hotel. Until the 1920s, the French Riviera shut down in the summer months when the well-heeled headed for the cooler resort towns, like Deauville, on the north coast.

In 1923, wealthy Americans Sara and Gerald Murphy rented the hotel for the summer and invited friends to join them. Among their guests were F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Picasso, and many other famous writers and artists of the era. The Murphys and their friends were instrumental in making the Riviera a summer favourite.

Ironically, the Hotel du Cap now closes for the winter! Click here to see the hotel's website.