"If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, trust me, you will love [the Muskoka Novels] series!" - Teddy Rose, So Many Precious Books, So Little Time 

"Watch out and move over, Downton Abbey, because The Muskoka Novels are here…. Ms. Wills skillfully weaves together fragments of history with fiction into a deep story with a plethora of events, characters, and stories to keep track…. I rate this book a 5 out of 5! I loved it!" - EmSun

"Ms. Wills is one of the most talented writers I have read in a long time… She has written more than a story. She has written a world to get lost in. Her characters are full of color and depth. They are real. They are vibrant. Their feelings become the reader's…. This is truly a book you have to read." - A Book Lover's Library

"The Summer Before the Storm is a richly detailed, complex novel - one that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page." - Jonita Fex, The Book Chick

"I love a book that causes you to just totally get lost in the story and this is that book…. Yes, this one is a keeper and you know how few I keep to re-read." - Broken Teepee

"It has EVERYTHING I adore... The Age of Elegance, the rich families and the working class families, the fashions and manners of an innocent era teetering on the precipice of war and my favorite words to read on the front of a novel... "Book One"... because that means there will be more! Ms. Wills is such a great author that she has created characters that I cannot wait to continue with in the next volume." - Bags, Books, & Bon Jovi

"I was completely immersed in this epic generational tale set in idyllic Muskoka, 1914 before the onset of WWI…. the author's vivid descriptions and impeccable research transported me there, feeling much like a friend of the family, relishing in that glorious summer then anxiously observing the Canadian involvement in WWI…. The Summer Before the Storm is a keeper on my bookshelf." - The Eclectic Reader 

"I applaud Ms. Wills for the extensive research she has done on this subject…. The dialogue flows and the characterizations are wonderful. When I came up for air, I was actually surprised to find myself in 2012 instead of 1914…. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel." - PopcornReads.com

"The book is sweeping and epic in scale and feel with a marvelous grandeur of times past. …an engrossing and addictive read…. Historical fiction readers will sink into this tale, happily immersed in the end of an era that is marching relentlessly into a terrible and costly war." - BookNAround

"I love how flawed the characters are, and how even the best of them make terrible choices and errors in judgment…It has a lot of rich period detail. It has romance and emotional turmoil. It has a bit of action and a lot of drama. Overall, it's a very enjoyable read." - Reading to Penguins

"A sweeping epic, The Summer Before the Storm pulls you into so many lives, lives you can't help but care about. For readers who love a good historical fiction tale, this certainly will not disappoint. But, it's as much about relationships, both in times of joy and suffering, as it is about the war or the Lusitania. And it was those relationships that will stick with me the most." - Mom in Love with Fiction

"I was drawn into this family saga and spend hours pouring over the lives of the Wyndham's and their friends. The details were wonderful! Would I recommend this book? Most definitely!...The characters were great, and engaging - I was drawn into the story so quickly! Would I read more by this author? Oh yes, I can't wait for more!" - Stitch - Read - Cook

"The author portrays the family life in a realistic way… when I got to the end I still wanted to read more. I'm hooked now." - To Read or Not to Read 

"If you enjoy historical fiction, family dramas, and book series, then I know you will enjoy The Summer Before the Storm…. I am anxious to continue the saga of the Wyndhams." - M. Denise C.

"I loved the book... Once you have got to know all [the characters], they are difficult to forget." - From Isi

"The Summer Before The Storm and Elusive Dawn are not only well written, suspenseful, and enjoyable, but also historically accurate. The amazing amount of research provides an excellent educational background on the Great War and on aviation. The writer obviously has a keen interest in and knowledge of the subject." - Arthur Bishop, WWII pilot and author, son of Billy Bishop, VC, Britain's top WWI Ace


Review by Gisela Kretzschmar - "Bücher im Blickpunkt":

Gabriele Wills: Die Muskoka-Romane:

Diese Bücher - die ersten zwei Bände einer Reihe, aus der eine wunderbare Familiensaga werden könnte - gehören für mich ganz eindeutig in die Kategorie "unbedingt übersetzenswert"! Die Autorin - in Deutschland geboren - lebt seit ihrer frühen Kindheit in Kanada und hat auf bewunderswerte Weise kanadische und europäische Geschichte vor dem Hintergrund des Ersten Weltkriegs miteinander verwoben.

Der erste Band spielt überwiegend in Kanada, wo man eintaucht in die Welt der Reichen und Superreichen, die ihren Sommer wie gewohnt am idyllischen Muskoka-See genießen, während sich in Europa schon die dunklen Wolken des drohenden Kriegs zusammenbrauen. Es ist eine Welt, die den meisten LeserInnen eher fremd sein wird, und doch gelingt es der Autorin mühelos, sie einem so nahe zu bringen, dass man sich bald als Teil davon fühlt.

Man lernt das (noch) sorglose Leben einer jungen, privilegierten Generation kennen, die schon bald hineingezogen wird in die Wirren eines Krieges, der eigentlich gar nicht ihrer ist, den sie aber zu ihrem machen, teils aus Abenteuerlust, teils aus Pflichtgefühl, denn Kanada war damals noch britische Kronkolonie und die Kanadier loyale "Untertanen" des Königreichs. Welch hohen Preis sie für ihre Loyalität bezahlen, wird im zweiten Band deutlich.