Page 128. " in 1964 the young man began attending classes at the university in Saigon "

Saigon is the former name of Hồ Chí Minh City, at the time the capital of South Vietnam.

Today there are over 50 colleges and universities in Hồ Chí Minh City.


Page 138. " The lake had been dug out by the southern most advance of the Wisconsin Glacier. "

The Wisconsin glacier was formed in the last period of glaciation. At the height of the Wisconsin Episode glaciation, the ice sheet covered most of Canada, the Upper Midwest, and New England, as well as parts of Idaho, Montana and Washington.

Page 139. " living in Des Moines or Sioux City "

Sioux City is located near Des Moines in Iowa, at the navigational head of the Missouri River.

Sioux City and the surrounding areas of northwestern Iowa, northeastern Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota are sometimes referred to as Siouxland.

Page 140. " Two mud hens floated stiffly beside a white dock "
Mud Hens
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMud Hen - Credit: Mike Baird

A mud hen, or American Coot, is a bird of the Rallidae family that inhabits wetlands and open water bodies. Adults have a short thick white bill and white frontal shield, with a reddish brown spot on the bill.

Page 142. " after a few days the Song Tra Bong overflowed its banks "

The Song Tra Bong is a river that connects the East Sea to the Tra Khuc River in Quang Ngai. It flows for over 70 kilometers.

Page 143. " turning northwest past the junior college and the tennis courts, then past Chautauqua Park "
Boulder Chautauqua
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBoulder Chautauqua - Credit: Hustvedt

Chautauqua assemblies are adult educational gatherings that bring teachers, entertainers, musicians, and professors together to teach cultural and historical events. The Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO, is one of the only Chautauqua Parks open year round today.

The first Chautauqua was held in New York in 1874.