"You wake up in the County Hospital concussed with a policeman sitting outside your door listening to the Phillies game on a crackly transistor radio."

It is interesting that Niffenegger describes Henry as concussed here as the policeman could not have been listening to the Phillies game because, due to the 1981 Major League Baseball Strike, no games were played on August 6th. What Henry would have heard, however, was the Philadelphia Phillies being declared first half champions for the National League East Division; following an end to the two month strike, on August 6th the owners decided to split the 1981 season into two halves with the first-place teams from each half in each division meeting in a best-of-five divisional playoff series. The Phillies were joined by the New York Yankees, the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers who were declared winners of the American League East, American League West and National League West respectively in the first time that Major League Baseball used a split-season format since 1892. The first game played following the conclusion of the strike was the All-Star Game on August 9th.

The Los Angeles Dodgers ultimately went on to win the 1981 World Series defeating the New York Yankees in six games.