Postcard view of Amsterdam, 1900
Public DomainPostcard view of Amsterdam, 1900

The capital and largest city of the Netherlands, where Franz takes Sabina by train to accompany him while he is at a conference.

With a city population of 1.36 million, Amsterdam's metropolitan area population of 6.7 million makes it the sixth largest in Europe. Its name comes from its location at a dam on the Amstel River (also the name of a Dutch beer). Amsterdam resembles Venice in that it is only 2 meters above sea level and is crossed by many canals. Much of the land around it consists of flat polders;that is, land reclaimed from the sea with a system of dikes. Tourist attractions include museums to favorite sons Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and the Anne Frank House. The city also gets a lot of tourist traffic for its legalized prostitution and cannabis.

Franz spends some time visiting the Old Church in Amsterdam in section 7 of Part Three, a few pages later.