Leon Trotsky reading The Militant, 1931
Public DomainLeon Trotsky reading The Militant, 1931

Follower of the form of Marxism advocated by Leon Trotsky (1879-1940). A co-leader of the Russian Revolution with Lenin, Trotsky broke with Stalin on the latter’s emphasis on Bolshevik organization, and favored working class mass action, permanent revolution, and proletarian internationalism (that the workers should work for socialist reform across international borders instead of consolidating power in Russia alone).

Expelled from the Communist Party and deported from the Soviet Union, Trotsky criticized Stalin’s peace treaties with Hitler, and was assassinated in Mexico by a Soviet agent who struck him in the skull with an ice axe.

Note: Trotsky also appears in the photo that accompanies "socialism," the Bookmark on page 63, and is mentioned under "Communist," Bookmark for page 91.