"like Gulliver entering the land of the Lilliputians"
Gulliver and the Lilliputians
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGulliver and the Lilliputians - Credit: Javier Carro (artist unknown)

A reference to the first and most famous adventure in Gulliver’s Travels (1725), by Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan Swift. A classic of English (and indeed, world) literature, the adventures of Lemuel Gulliver in several “Remote Nations of the World” begins in Lilliput, a land of tiny people one-twelfth the size of humans.

This mural of Gulliver surrounded by Lilliputians is on the wall of a toy store in Bremen, Germany.

Franz likens Sabina to Gulliver and himself and everyone in his world to Lilliputians: tiny in mental and imaginative stature in comparison with her.

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