"then with China"

Mao proclaims the People's Republic of China
Public DomainMao proclaims the People's Republic of China
A second cause to which Franz briefly threw his ideological support was the Chinese Communist Revolution, which actually was won militarily in 1949, when Franz was probably still a child.

Pictured here is Mao Zedong at the Tiananmen Gate, proclaiming the creation of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949.

Very little was known in the West about the government or conditions in the People’s Republic of China (such as an estimated 36 million deaths in the Great Famine of 1958-1961, or the political oppression of the Cultural Revolution launched in 1966) before Nixon’s trip there in 1972, so for a time in the 1960s it was trendy for Westerners who hated the culturally and commercially imperial policies of the United States to admire the Communist government of China.