"and on the lamp perched a butterfly"

Tereza’s dream of transformation and renewal concludes in a space of complete innocence and safety: “the room she had been given at the age of five….” In her dream, the room contains a “table [that] had a lamp on it … and on the lamp perched a butterfly with two large eyes painted on its widespread wings.”

The table, lamp, and butterfly -- elements of her affirmative dream -- will recur in reality in the final scene of the novel, eight pages later: “Tereza saw … a bedside table and lamp,” from whose lampshade, “startled by the overhead light, flew a large nocturnal butterfly….”

Though we know Tereza and Tomas will soon die in a truck accident, perhaps even the following day, after many years of pain and suffering (some caused by the state and people around them, some they inflicted upon each other) they have reached a point of acceptance, calm love, and contentment.