"He was filled with a feeling of unutterable bliss"

Tomas has had another erotic dream, one of intense longing but also confusion, because the woman in the dream seems very familiar but he cannot remember her. He becomes upset because “she was the one he had always longed for.”

This vague, allusive dream connects to many other things in the novel. On the most quotidian level, it recalls the incident from not long before, when he ran into a woman he did not recognize on the street but who turned out to be the very woman he had been searching for to keep an assignation -- “the budding actress with the perfect tan” (section 17 of Part Five, page 225).

It also suggests that Tomas either is or is becoming what the narrator called a “lyrical womanizer,” the kind that seeks his ideal woman, rather than the “epic womanizer” the narrator assured us he was earlier (see Bookmark, page 201). And whether or not Tereza is his ideal woman, the dream suggests Tomas may be ready to stay with her and give up chasing skirts.