"Bonnie, who introduced herself now as Bonaventure"

Saint Bonaventure (1221 - 1274) was an Italian theologian and philosopher, the seventh Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor and a Cardinal Bishop of Albano. There has been a St. Bonaventure Monastery at 1740 Mt. Elliot Avenue in Detroit, Michigan since 1882. The name Bonnie is derived from the Scottish word 'bonnie' meaning 'pretty' and is also a pet form of Bonita. Mary is probably named after the Virgin Mary, the name derived from Hebrew with various meanings including 'bitterness', 'beloved lady' or 'wished for child'. Saint Therese (1873 - 1897) became a French Carmelie nun at the age of 15 and despite dying of turberculosis at 24 became one of the most popular saints of the twentieth century. Saint Cecilia lived in the 2nd century AD and is the patron saint of musicians and Church music. Lux is a Latin word meaning 'light'.