"final funerary rites of the Catholic Church except interment"

The final funerary rites of the Catholic Church honour the spirit of the deceased and provide support for the bereaved. The rites begin with the Vigil (or Wake), when the family of the person who has died pray for the deceased's soul, led by the priest. The body is then removed from the place of the Vigil to the church in a procession, with a cleric bearing a cross in front of the coffin and the priest directly behind. Upon leaving the Vigil, the Exsultabunt Domino is sung followed by the recitation of the psalm Miserere, and upon reaching the church the Exsultabunt Domino is repeated and the response Subvenite is recited when the body is placed in the middle of the church. After this, a cycle of prayers, the funeral Mass and absolution (prayers for the pardon of the dead to avoid languishing in purgatory) are performed. The Libera me, Domine is sung during the absolution while the priest sprinkles the coffin with holy water, while the In paradisum is sung while the body is carried from the church to the burial place. Although Cecilia's death is officially recorded as an 'accident', she may not have been interred because suicide is a serious sin for Catholics.