Page 201. " seen relatives disappear to Sicily or South America "
Page 203. " turned house windows into theater scrims poking out light "
Page 208. " on the lake a freighter sounded its horn "
Page 208. " 'It's just a Cougar,' "
Page 213. " cutting swaths through cattails, freshwater inlets "
Page 213. " protruding from a wicker creel "
Page 213. " backgammon board, Chinese checkers "
Page 213. " A trapezoid of light "
Page 214. " The sherbet had melted long ago "
Page 214. " began to dance, to box-step, as his mother had taught him "
Page 215. " clean and festive, like a pinata "

A piñata is a cardboard and papier-mâché container covered with brightly-coloured tissue paper and containing sweets or small gifts. A piñata is supposed to be broken, often in a game involving blindfolded players hitting a suspended piñata. The piñata probably originates from Mexico, among the Aztecs, Mayans and other native peoples who broke filled pots because the spilling of contents signified abudance or favours from the gods. Some people believed the Spanish conquistadors brought the piñata to Mexico, where it gained in popularity because of their traditions of breaking clay pots.


Page 215. " their white confirmation stockings "
Page 215. " shoes were embedded with bits of mica "
Page 217. " Therese identified correctly as the Doppler effect "

The Doppler effect is the change in frequency of a wave for an obsever moving relative to the source of the wave. The effect is often associated with an observer hearing a vehicle's horn approaching, passing and receding. The received frequency is higher than the emitted frequency during the approach, the same at the moment it passes and lower as it recedes. The Doppler effect is named after Austrian physicist Christian Doppler (1803 - 1853).

Blaine Greenhalgh from Brigham Young University explains the Doppler effect.

Page 217. " his long hair had looked like Bob Seger's "

Bob Seger (1945 - ) is a rock musician from Michigan. He gained local fame in Detroit in the 1960s before rising to national fame in the 1970s. Seger's hit "Old Time Rock and Roll" was named one of the Songs of the Century in 2001 and in 2004 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.





Page 220. " many suicidal persons possessed deficient amounts of serotonin "
Page 220. " state law requiring investigation in all deaths by suicide "
Page 222. " a Ouija board's turning up "

A Ouija board (pronounced 'wee-ja' or 'wee-gee') is a board usually marked with the alphabet, numbers 0-9, 'yes', 'no' and 'goodbye'. Some people believe the Ouija board can be used to communicate with the spirit world through a planchette (small wooden piece) held by a person on the board, which then supposedly moves as a spirit relays a message. Talking boards have been traced back to ancient China, Greece and Rome. The Ouija board was first sold in the late 1890s as a parlour game before American Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularised it as an instrument to contact spirits during World War I. Many scientists believe Ouija boards can be explained by the ideo-motor response - the theory that a mental image can cause a reflexive or muscular reaction that the subject may not be conscious of.

More Information: Museum of Talking Boards

Page 223. " Milton Bradleys, Ms. Perl based her claim "

Milton Bradley (1836 - 1911) is often considered to be the pioneer of the board game industry in the United States. He ran the Milton Bradley Company, now a subsidiary of Hasbro, and first released a board game, The Checkered Game of Life, in 1960. This game involved players spinning a teetotum (gambling spinningtp) to advance to corresponding squares, which represented social virtues or vices. The winner was whoever was first to accumulate one hundred points. Bradley's game was the first to define success in terms of  personal virtues as a means to an end rather than end in themselves, reflecting the growing importance of personal wealth after the Civil War.


Page 223. " Cecilia in her yearbook photo "

A yearbook is an annually published book to commemorate a school year. Yearbooks are particularly popular in the United States, Australia and Canada. As well as containing academic and extra curricular information, most yearbooks contain individual photographs of students taken specifically for the yearbook.bout 1 month or more) have digital yearbooks.

More Information: Bad Yearbook Photos

Page 224. " Therese had written to the Brown admissions office "

Brown University is a private Ivy League university based in Providence, Rhode Island that was founded in 1764. Brown was the first university in the United States to accept students regardless of religious affilitation. Brown was named following a gift bestowed by Nicholas Brown, Jr., who was descended from three brothers, John, Nicholas and Moses who signed the charter for the formation of the university. The Brown family had further connections to the university. The university was built upon the former Rev. Chad Brown's farm, Joseph Brown became a professor of Physics at the University and John Brown served as treasurer.


Page 224. " apply zinc oxide to her bunnyish nose "

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound, normally appearing as a white powder that has a multitude of purposes. Zinc oxide is used in the treatment of skin conditions, in rubber manufacture, in cigarette filters, as a paint pigment and a food additive. Because of its often surprising applications, a spoof educational film Zinc Oxide and You featured in the 1977 comedy film The Kentucky Fried Movie.

Page 225. " we sympathized with the President because we saw how wildly our sphere of influence was misrepresented "