Page 104. " eye of Sauron "

Sauron is the main antagonist in JRR Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, made popular by Peter Jackson’s live action film version. Sauron forged a set of rings for the dwarves, elves and man; they believed the rings were gifts, but Sauron forged a ring for himself that would rule over all the other rings. In a great battle, the ring was cut from Sauron’s finger, killing him physically, but his power was so strong that his “eye” was still able to look out over Mordor, his realm.

Here's a funny spoof of the eye :)

Page 123. " Church of Scotland in Porteneil "

The Church of Scotland is a Presbyterian church, shaped mostly by the Scottish Reformation, which was Scotland's formal break away from the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 1560. The roots of the Church can be traced all the way back to the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland. It is estimated that nearly half of the Scottish population claim some kind of allegiance to the Church.