Page 76. " Two-fifty, of course. "

This refers to a 250cc motorcycle.

Page 77. " about to do the Technicolour Yawn "

The Technicolour Yawn is a euphemism for vomiting.

Page 77. " Want a fag? "

A “fag” is a slang word for cigarette.

Page 77. " feel my occipital lobe fusing "

The occipital lobe of the brain is the part of the brain that translates what we see into something the brain can understand. We can understand from this statement that Frank’s brain is not working all too clearly!

Page 84. " a couple of hedgehogs had had a fight in it "

Hedgehogs are small rodents mostly found in Britain. Their backs are covered in short spikes for protection.

Page 86. " the feeble light of a broken moon "

The moon, probably as Frank sees it
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe moon, probably as Frank sees it - Credit: 阿爾特斯
The moon is obviously not full, so the light coming from it is not too bright. The moon's face changes during the month as its surface is hidden by the earth. The parts not hidden by our planet reflect the sun, and this is the shine that we see from earth. Click here for more about moon phases.

Page 88. " double-bluff "

A double-bluff is a trick where you tell someone the truth hoping that they think that you’re lying.

Page 95. " a sort of Flying Dutchwoman "

This refers to a legend in Cape Town, South Africa. The Flying Dutchman was a ship from the Netherlands that attempted to go past the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa. It was caught in a storm and destroyed, yet people say that you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the ship as it continues to fight its way to the East.

The name has been popularised in recent pop culture by the film The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as the ship that belongs to Davey Jones.