Page 132. " a stick of incense had to be placed at the statue of Lakshmi, godess of wealth "

The use of religious symbols and incense in cars and other vehicles is common in India. The use of incense has thousands of years of history in India, and is linked with Ayurvedic medicine.

Creative Commons Attributionincense - Credit: Meanest Indian

Page 136. " We're driving past a statue of Ghandi, having just given a bribe to a minister "

India is plagued with bribery in politics and business.

Page 145. " Immediate service, or someone will get hurt, I swear! It took me fifteen minutes to get a bottle "

In India's crowded streets and shops, getting served involves a clamour to be heard, and skill in dodgy and weaving through the people. The population density in India is 336 per square km, compared to 244 in the UK, and only 29 in the US. In urban areas, it is much higher.