Page 182. " I'd never heard of a woman leaving her husband for good! "

Indian women seldom leave their marriages, and if they do, can find themselves socially ostracised. Among the middle classes, divorce is becoming easier, and increasing, to the dismay of some Indian commentators.

Page 189. " In the villages there are no separate rooms "

An Indian village house might have one or two rooms.

Page 190. " The rains have failed "

Indian agriculture depends on the monsoon rains. Sixty per cent of the country's population is still dependent on agriculture, and the annual monsoon is a life-sustaining force. Without it, crops fail, and many risk starvation.

Page 198. " Had I never seen before how many painted women stood at the sides of the roads? "

Estimates of the number of Indian prostitutes range between 3 and 15 million. Trafficking is common and there are many underage prostitutes. Rates of HIV infection are high. Women generally are drawn into prostitution through poverty.

Creative Commons Attributionprostitute - Credit: Jon Gresham