Page 237. " The diseases of the poor can never get treated "

Access to healthcare is limited in India. The poor have to rely on overcrowded, overstretched government services and on charity healthcare. Poor sanitation and squalid living conditions mean that infection spreads quickly, with diseases of poverty such as typhoid and tuberculosis common.

Page 240. " Why the hell did you give that beggar a rupee? "

Begging is seen throughout India, and met with varying responses, from sympathy to hostility.

Page 244. " so that they will excuse him from the tax he has to pay "

Tax evasion is common in India

Page 247. " the destinations of the trains were up on a blackboard "

Large Indian stations teem with life and movment. Trains come and go frequently, passengers running to get on to the crowded 'general' (third) class carriages and queueing in long line at ticket counters. Many homeless people sleep in stations, which provide at least a little shelter.